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(I) Matematik Öğrenme Etkinlikleri (MÖE) 

      Math Learning Activities / Tasks (MLA)

     -- The classification of mathematical learning activities / Tasks 
     -- The design, categorization, application and evaluating processes of MLA
     -- Task based learning approach in mathematics education 

(II) İspat ve İspat Öğretimi 

        Proof and Proving in Mathematics Education

     -- Conceptions and perceptions related to proof
     -- Visual proofs / Proof without words
     -- Understanding proof  & Proof comprehension tests   

(III) Matematik ve Dil İlişkisi, Söylem Çözümleme

          Interactions of Mathematics and Language

     -- Discourse and discourse analysis in math education
     -- Communication and understanding in math classes
     -- Mathematics register
     -- Writing activities in mathematics teaching 

(IV) Nitelikli Matematik Problemleri Kurma/Yazma Metodolojisi 

         The Methodology of Posing Quality Math Problems

     -- The design of quality math problems

     -- The classification of math problems
     -- The methodology of writing / posing of math problems 

 (V) Aparatlı Matematik Problemleri  

        Problems with Apparatus (MathAProblems)

     -- Problem posing and solving with concreate manipulatives 

     -- Math problems with apparatus

     -- Developing mathematical thinking skill via MathAProblems  



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